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"Discover The Amazing Bodywork That Reduces Stress
Relieves Tension & Gives You More Energy!"

You can be free of aches & pains…and feel blissfully relaxed!


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Hawaiian Healing Massage is a effective and unique bodywork that gently realigns and balances Body Mind & Spirit. Using esoteric & anatomical adjustments Rebecca Hopkins works with you to Improve joint movement, Ease Sciatic & Lower Back Ache, Tight Shoulders, Insomnia, Cramps and Blocked Energy. You are left with a feeling of rejuvenated well-being, & blissful relaxation.

  • Reduces Aches & Pains
  • Relieves Stress, Tension & Fatigue.
  • Improves your flexibility and range of movement.
  • Decreases joint & tissue stiffness
  • Speeds up detoxification
  • Stimulates & harmonizes the body's flow of energy
  • Increases your body's ability to absorb nutrients & vitamins.
  • Oxygenates your body's cells giving you greater levels of energy.
  • Can greatly improve your general health, well being & appearance.
"Put simply, Rebecca gives the BEST massages I have ever experienced - and as a fellow therapist I have tried many practitioners & varied massage modalities… Rebecca is outstanding. Her intelligence, caring and experience shines through her work, after Rebecca's Hawaiian Healing Massage I feel totally rejuvenated! As a client and a colleague I would refer to Rebecca without reservations."  Jemma Taylor, Acupuncturist.


“I have to admit that I was a little skeptical going to my first “Hawaiian Healing Massage” with Rebecca. However my concerns vanished within minutes of meeting Rebecca and beginning treatment. Her professional approach coupled with her knowledge, skills and enthusiasm had me relaxed and moving freely by the end of the session. I am now a regular client because I find Rebecca’s healing touch works wonders for my arthritic joints. In trying to get my body back into shape I have begun to attend a local gym. I experience quite a bit of muscle soreness in the days after the workout. I found that by having Rebecca’s massage either immediately after the workout or the next day means I don’t experience any muscle soreness –it’s fantastic!” Richard Barnett, Manager.

Guaranteed To Relax Your Body, Calm Your Mind & Nurture Your Soul!

Call Rebecca For Your Appointment On: (07) 5494 3150 or 0415 518 415. Maleny Qld.

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